Are you looking for someone who will proofread your Dutch or English text and correct any errors? This can be a text that you have written or perhaps translated yourself. I am happy to help and make time for you. You might receive the corrected text back sooner than expected, and you are free to use the text as you wish. Texts below 10,000 words usually have a turnaround time of less than two working days. You will be able to ask me questions after receiving the correction, and I will only send an invoice once we are both satisfied with the result.

Below, you will find some examples of my word rates for proofreading, which depend on the number of words in a document, the level of difficulty and any urgency that may apply. I might be able to work on your text in the evening or weekend (urgency fee). My minimum rate is € 25 for small assignments. Feel free to contact me via chat, email or the contact form. As you might understand, no rights can be derived from the information on this website. After receiving the source text, I can send you a quotation with a fixed price.

Number of words Word rate Total approx.
000 - 500 Minimum rate € 25 
500 - 2,000 5 cents per word € 40 - € 100
2,000+ 4 cents per word € 150

Urgency fee: + 50% 

Rates are exclusive of VAT

Contact me

 +31 (0)6 135 95 675