About Suzanne

I am a qualified English and Dutch translator, horticulturalist (UK) and medical secretary (NL). I have had the pleasure of travelling a lot while I followed my husband (and his job) around the world. It gave me the opportunity to follow my heart and make the most of all the new places, cultures and experiences. Because of this multilingual and multicultural background and my love of grammar and eye for detail, I can help clients by delivering suitable texts with optimal readability in English and Dutch.


I feel confident to take on assignments in the fields of Horticulture/Agriculture, Architecture/Design, Business/Communication, Tourism, Blogs/Articles and some medical, financial or legal areas if they fit my skills. I have learned that it is worth to pass on assignments to my colleagues if I am not confident enough myself to take on a specialised subject. With my broad network, I am sure that I can help you and deliver the standard you deserve. Once I agree to work on a project, I am highly committed to delivering quality. I reply to my emails in a timely manner and look forward to working with you already


My life not only took me to different countries and cultures but left me with a variety of diplomas and job experiences. I started in the Netherlands as a medical secretary, then lived in the States, in Tulsa and New Orleans, for five years. After our move back to Europe, we lived in the UK for five years where I trained and worked as a garden designer. We spent the following five years in Cairo, Egypt, where I started a business in fruit and vegetables for an Egyptian entrepreneur. On my return to the Netherlands, I established a foundation in social help which got me hooked to my work as editor-in-chief of our own local newspaper. This editorial work triggered my interest to work in two languages, and I started my bachelor’s degree in translation in 2013. And last but not least, I also enjoyed working as the PA for the head of the heritage department of the Netherlands Architecture Institute in my hometown of Rotterdam.

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